1.4. Refunding orders

This page contains all the documentation for the video tutorial explaining the process of refunding orders and the different deadlines involved in refunds.

1.4.1. Video

1.4.2. Information

If you are not familiar with the process of creating orders, you can watch the Taler merchant creating orders tutorial.

1.4.3. Requirements

Required for this tutorial series:

  • A Taler merchant backend
    If you need help using the merchant backend for the first time, you can watch the Taler merchant introduction tutorial.
  • A Taler wallet instance
    Setup instructions are available on https://wallet.taler.net.
  • A REST API management software or relevant programming skills
    In this video series, we are going to use the Insomnia free software, available for download at https://insomnia.rest.

1.4.4. Demo backend notice

You can use your own merchant backend service or the online demonstration service at https://backend.demo.taler.net for this tutorial.

1.4.5. More tutorials

To view additional tutorials, you can browse this site or head to https://docs.taler.net to get the latest documentation about the Taler services.